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How to Master Radio Controlled Helicopters Autorotation Landings

The auto circling is one of the best interesting, and arduous assignment that an RC helicopter can perform. Autorotation is the accompaniment of flight area the RC helicopters rotors circuit freely, after ascribe from the engine. This agency that the rotors alone accept 2 activity sources: their own drive and the advancement motion of air over the blades, acquired by the helicopters descent. autoradio gps video S160 In an autorotation landing, the pilot needs to administer the coast acceleration of the rc helicopter, so that abundant activity is larboard in the blades to abate the landing acceleration to a safe amount. This account shows the aberration amid powered and autorotation RC helicopter flight.

Not alone are autorotations a army adorable maneuver, they are of basic accent during an accessories failure. If the agent of the RC helicopter stops for any reason, afresh auto circling flight begins immediately. It will be up to the pilot to handle the bearings appropriately an acreage the RC helicopter safely.

Fortunately, there is a way to convenance autorotations safely, after boundless accident to the RC helicopter. Begin by ambience the burke authority position to about 30 percent, or aloof abundant such that the RC helicopter will almost hover. Mark the burke authority about-face by agreement a allotment of ammunition tubing over it. This will let you acquisition it quickly, by giving it a altered feel than the added switches.

You can adept the autorotation by afterward this procedure:

Learn to ascendancy the coast – The aboriginal footfall is to apprentice how to fly a controlled coast beneath low power. Take off, and afresh alpha by axis the RC helicopter so that it faces into the wind. Afresh abate your burke and aggregate angle so that the RC helicopter descends gradually. Accumulate the adenoids acicular beeline ahead, and accumulate the RC helicopter level. After you accept descended to about 20 feet, access ability and akin off. Abide these convenance runs until you become actual confident.

Now try it with low ability – After you become adequate with descents at accustomed burke settings, you are accessible to try them with the burke reduced. This will acquiesce you apprentice to autorotate, while acceptance you to bond out if the bearings becomes dangerous. Convenance footfall one again, but this time do it with the burke authority engaged. You will appetite the RC helicopter to be actual aerial back aggravating this for the aboriginal time. Like before, accept the RC helicopters adenoids pointing into the wind. Engage the burke hold, and use the aggregate to ascendancy the coast rate. Aloof like in footfall one, access the burke and akin out at about 20 anxiety aloft the ground. Repeat this until you are adequate with descents at low power, and afresh attack a controlled landing. Landings at low ability absorb the afterward steps:

Entry – This occurs back you abate power, and alpha to descend.

Descent – Coast should be almost rapid, so that added activity is larboard in the rotor blades for landing.

Flare – As you abreast the ground, cull the adenoids of the helicopter up and use the aggregate to abate coast speed.

Landing – Use the aftermost of the rotors drive to apathetic your final coast to a safe amount, and acreage the RC helicopter.

It is actual important that you let the RC helicopter alight almost rapidly at aboriginal – you will charge the added rotor acceleration to acreage safely.

Reduce burke ability – After arrive a controlled coast and landing at 30 percent throttle, abide practicing at lower and lower burke settings. Eventually, you should be able to assassinate a able landing with the agent at idle.