Dappy narrowly avoids bankruptcy after paying tax bill of over £140,000


The rapper, 26, has repaid the debt in full, but did not appear in the High Court in London for the two-minute hearing.

The rapper paid over £140,000 to avoid bankruptcy

Dappy, former N-Dubz star narrowly avoided bankruptcy yesterday [Tues] paying a tax bill of over £140,000.

The 26-year-old rapper spat the eye-watering sum at the taxman but did not appear at the High Court in London for the two-minute hearing.

An HMRC official told a judge that a tax debt of £140,679.83 had been paid in full and the bankruptcy claim against Dappy was now dismissed.

Dappy, whose real name is Costadinos Contostavlos, will have to pay £780 in additional legal costs.

The petite reality TV star – who denied suffering financial hardship just months ago – is estimated to have earned £100,000 from her recent stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

He denied having financial problems on Twitter and bragged about having banked over £250,000



The father-of-two isn’t the first of his bandmates to struggle financially since his cousin and former X Factor judge Tulisa and Fazer split in 2011.

Tulisa, 25, who is currently facing a criminal trial for allegedly supplying Class A drugs to an undercover reporter, sparked reports of money troubles after she put her massive $4.6million mansion up for sale pounds sterling in Hertfordshire.

Meanwhile, Fazer, 26, filed for bankruptcy on December 4 under his real name, Richard Rawson.

Back in the day: N Dubz



Dappy – whose only solo album, Bad Intentions, reached number six on the UK Albums Chart, ironically rapped about other musicians who went bankrupt in his recent song Tarzan 2.

He also denied the bankruptcy claims on Twitter, boasting that he has a quarter million plus a new record deal on the table.

Adding, “I have doe (dough) now and I always will! If you have talent, you will always be financially stable.”


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