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Computing in the 21st century holds a special place in the economy, as modern technologies are needed to organize a wide range of processes. It also helped people keep their jobs during Covid-19 as it became possible to work remotely during the quarantine period.

Outsourcing is an important factor for IT. The main customers of IT services are telecommunications services, real estate agents and banks. In addition, the use of computers is actively developed in the field of agriculture, transport, logistics.

According to forecast statistics, information technology will make substantial economic contributions of $13 trillion in 2025.

The flagship technologies will be mobile internet and robots. Some of the others are cloud, energy storage, 3D printing, etc. The development of new technologies will enable the production of new products and services.

Top 5 wireless technologies

Wireless has existed for a long time and continues to occupy a leading position, helping people in society and at work.

5G It is an economical option to complement Wi-Fi and offers high-speed service.

V2X Allows cars to interact with road infrastructure and improve navigation and other related services.

Wireless sensor network can be used in various fields, from medicine to smart home.

Backscatter helps to send data at the same time with low power consumption.

Technologies that could change our lives

Quantum computerswhich, unlike ordinary computers, are capable of solving complex problems.

Nanosatellites which will provide Internet to all the Earth.

Artificial intelligence will be able to realize the abilities of a person and even surpass it.

The pandemic and IT

In 2020, the pandemic forced the government to improve technology and create new IT services. People shifted to working remotely, while training was done remotely.

New technologies have affected medicine and health care. All market products could be purchased without leaving home thanks to delivery.

But as Covid-19 has dealt a blow to the global economy, IT has also been affected. This resulted in a 10% reduction in technology spending in 2020.

The use of technologies that can change our future

secure internet will fully protect all data on the computer.

Hyper-personalized medicine – Medications will adapt to a person’s genes. This is meant to cure many diseases.

IT in 2022

In 2022, the need for digital technologies is expected to grow and expand to provide competitive services with improved facilities. The introduction of new technologies should play an important role in many sectors, but mainly science, medicine, politics, national and regional development policies.

Some technologies, such as unmanned driving system, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, are expected to generate substantial interest in the year.

Technology will help save time for service delivery, thereby increasing business profits. Technology allows governments to access natural resources and use them in the right way. Computing is also an important part of international trade and an important contributor to the global economy.


It is proven that innovations are a source of performance improvement and a factor of economic growth. It has had a significant effect on the production of high quality goods and services. In this regard, Europe continues to be the cradle of innovation, so benefits from the end results.

The success of innovative technology depends on a favorable business environment. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary new product development costs.

Types of innovation:

1) Technological innovations – ensure the efficiency of processes and production.

2) social innovation – changes in a person’s lifestyle.

3) economic innovation – practice new methods of problem solving.

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