Economic destruction and war on humanity – how to prevail


by Fabian Ubiquitus

Thus, the price of gas and electricity in the United Kingdom should more or less DOUBLE in a few months.

This will have the effect of making the production of goods and services more expensive, wherever gas or electricity is needed, which is practically everywhere.

So hang in there, our standard of living is going to drop as things get more expensive – that is, our wages and salaries, government subsidies, pensions or whatever will buy fewer goods and services.

This drop in our standard of living is do not an accident. Nor is it “unfortunate”, “inevitable” or due to “circumstances beyond our control”. It is designed by suppressing production.

The suppression of production was engineered by the mechanics of a fake pandemic that “justified” the myriad disruptions of lockdowns, absenteeism, movement restrictions, etc.

A nation is as rich as it can produce goods and services for its own consumption or for trading in things it does not produce itself. The only other means by which a nation acquires wealth is through charity or looting/theft, however contrived.

It was then inevitable that when the wrecking crew posing as our government made it through the fake pandemic to crush production (while racking up debts to international money-lending cartels in the manner of any scoundrel borrowing money instead of actually earning it), then the nation would become poorer.

The accumulation of debt further aggravates growing poverty. An escalation in debt means an escalation in the interest on the debt and an escalation in the amount of money that has to be paid to the banking sector in repayment of that debt. This makes money in circulation that can be spent on goods and services scarcer.

Thus, another way to create scarcity (poverty) is to make scarce the purchasing power by which we can express demand and acquire goods and services.

Then, in that mess, insert a massive, artificial increase in energy prices that will make everything more expensive and every consumer poorer.

It’s not an accident.

This is a man-made disaster using the fake pandemic as a smokescreen and degenerate politicians as agents of economic subversion.

This IS an act of war against us and we had better mobilize to overcome it.

It’s going to be dark for a while.

But if we come together and fight this endless destructive tinkering and mess of millions of honest producers, we will win.

But it should now be obvious (and here we can thank the debacle of the past two years for revealing it to us) that our political establishment is irresponsible and corrupt.

It has entered the camp of the enemy and has become the tool of those who wage war on our civilization and who seek to bring it down economically and morally.

Take out production and you take out morale and so the intention is to demoralize us.

If we observe an individual who behaves as our governments behave, we would conclude that he is a cowardly psychotic.

A cowardly psychotic knows only the impulse to harm and destroy. So our cowardly psychotic governments cannot be trusted or counted on to create anything decent or worthwhile. If we leave this to these crazed crews of nation saboteurs, our nation will perish and our children will end up – if they survive – slaves in lands abandoned by their fathers to the enemies of humanity.

There are tens of thousands of groups, each fighting an aspect or manifestation of the crackdown, but each alone faces the combined might of a highly coordinated, centrally directed, and viciously determined global crime syndicate. So everyone fighting a lonely battle faces overwhelming odds.

Therefore, these tens of thousands of groups and millions of people of goodwill must unite and, side by side, build a grassroots movement that is well-coordinated, highly motivated, ever-vigilant and ready to relentlessly fight back, devoted to the just principles of benevolent governance and sound management of national affairs by honest people and common sense.

Such people are out there. There are millions. But few of them are currently in government or have the ear of government.

Well, we can change that.

Our movement is already born and it is dynamic, numerous and strong and growing day by day.

He has vast energy and creative vision, a deep sense of right and wrong. Its members are extremely capable. It just requires MORE unity and MORE concentration. In other words, reinforce the aspects and attributes that are successful. By bringing OUR combined power to bear on the belittlers, defamers, deceivers and murderers of humanity, choosing one battle and winning it, then the next battle and winning it, dismantling the cult of oppression world target by target, we will liberate this planet and build a dignified civilization.

There is a war for your planet and the way to win it is to unite and . . . well, earn it!

There is energy and there is focused/channeled/directed energy.

Focused energy = power.

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