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The vote count for the US presidential election is still ongoing in some US states, as Americans wait to see if incumbent Republican President Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger Joe Biden wins.

Several celebrities in the United States also voted, including former Hong Kong sex bomb actress Veronica Yip and her daughter.

Yip, 53, moved to New York City and left the entertainment industry after marrying Chinese-American grocery mogul Jeffrey Wu in 1996. The couple have a daughter and two sons.

Their daughter Victoria Wu, 21, is voting for the first time this year, and Yip told the Oriental Daily News in Hong Kong that the whole family supports Mr Trump.

Ms Wu recently received a reaction online after posting on Instagram why she would vote for Mr Trump. She stressed that everyone should take different points of view and that she was not asking for Mr. Trump’s support.

Commenting on the incident, Yip told Oriental Daily News that her daughter was not afraid people would know that she had voted for the Republican Party and that in fact she felt better after expressing her point of view. .

“She said it was a rational decision and that we should respect free speech no matter who we vote for,” Yip said. “Just because I don’t vote for your choice doesn’t mean it’s racism.”

Explaining why she voted for Mr. Trump, she said: “Trump is a cheeky talking businessman and you might not like his style. But he really does what he says, like cut back the national debt previously and improve the economy. ”

The former actress, known for Category 3 films such as Take Me and Hidden Desire in the early 1990s, made headlines in July after her husband filed for bankruptcy attorney and filed for receivership of three. of its companies.

Victoria Wu is voting for the first time this year. PHOTO: VICTORIAAWU / INSTAGRAM

However, she said it didn’t affect their lifestyle much as they continued to live in their luxury New York home.


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