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The digital upgrade has encouraged wine lovers to explore local wineries and support economic growth.

It was exciting to see the very real economic impact of our apps in Connecticut”

—Rick Griswold

BOCA RATON, FL, USA, Aug. 2, 2022 / — Connecticut’s popular Passport Program for State Farm Vineyards got a digital upgrade with the launch of the Connecticut Farm app Wineries Passport. The mobile app, designed by Daruma Tech, a software developer based in Boca Raton, Fla., and sponsored by Connecticut Farm Wineries and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, allows users to view current offerings from the 35 participating wineries , plan trips to the wineries of their choice and earn points for prizes by digitally “stamping” their passports at participating wineries.

The app has been enthusiastically received and in the month since its launch has had more than 3,000 downloads, said Connecticut Agriculture Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt. “It’s huge,” he said. “We used to spend just under $20,000 to print around 65,000 passport booklets. And we would get around 2,500 returns with a certain level of stats. So the fact that we have engaged 3,000 people and been on the app in a month is really great.

Part of the inspiration for the app was the success of the Connecticut Beer Trail app, a Daruma Tech mobile passport app designed for the Connecticut Brewers Guild. “The Beer Trail app is a resounding success, said Hurlburt. “And the clientele interested in the beer route and the Connecticut brewery tour would be the same clientele that would be interested in the Connecticut Farm Wineries tour. You know, people who are very interested in supporting local businesses and finding these experiences across the state.

Hurlburt sees the app as not only a way to draw attention and foot traffic to the state’s wineries, but also to nearby attractions – visitors to Connecticut wineries, he said, can also enjoy nearby attractions. He added that his ministry is working with the Ministry of Economic and Community Development to promote these exploration opportunities and improve the visitor experience. This feature was important to Daruma Tech’s Rick Griswold, who has family roots in Connecticut and continues to visit regularly. “In many parts of the state you can walk to a winery, but there are also nearby restaurants, breweries, spas or stores that you might want to visit. So, Daruma Tech is really trying to improve this local experience for the consumer, as well as contribute to economic development, based on our Local Explorers products. Griswold said.

The app also promotes the state’s economic development by keeping app users regularly engaged with Connecticut’s wine scene. For example, push notifications sent through the app can notify app users of upcoming festivals, events and offers, as well as the Passport Program’s in-app gamification – via digital badges, rankings, etc. cellars. These visits, in turn, can lead to visits to other nearby attractions.

“It’s been exciting to see the very real economic impact of our apps in Connecticut,” Griswold said. “We couldn’t be happier with the engagement breweries across the state have experienced through the Connecticut Beer Trail app, and we were honored and thrilled to be invited back to the state to create the Connecticut Farm Wineries Passport app. And seeing how quickly it has grown in popularity confirms that wine lovers are ready to embrace this technology. »

Hurlburt added that the app is free for users and inclusion in the app is free for wineries wishing to participate. While currently Hurlburt believes most users are Connecticut residents, the app is also actively promoted by CT Visit and Connecticut Wine Country on the state’s tourism website, as well as the Department of Development. economic.

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