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Economic Development Team Benefits Loveland

Loveland is a fantastic community that values ​​great employers. Because of our fantastic business climate, companies want to come here. The Town of Loveland and its economic development team led by Kelly Jones are making a difference in terms of business opportunities and growth. We are excited about the innovation of the city’s staff leadership and economic development policies.

Blaine Rapped

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Putin will feel the economic pain

Who wins? Bombs and bullets or financial penalties? The Ukrainian conflict has prompted the West to militarize finance. Finance is an area where the West can deal from a position of strength with Russia. The West is making it increasingly difficult for Russia to sell its oil and buy Western-made products. The ruble has virtually no value outside of Russia. Central banks froze Russian assets, strict restrictions were imposed on relations with the Russian central bank, and Russia was kicked out of the SWIFT global banking system. Russian securities and guarantees are almost worthless. Now that Russian assets are frozen, their banks have no way to repay their debts.

Putin will learn that our global financial systems and our economies are linked. Putin should have known, you never want to piss off your banker. The Russian people are smart and they will see through this misstep by Putin. Unfortunately, the world will feel the financial pain of Russian aggression and sanctions.

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Enjoy the beauty, don’t fracture it

Developer Troy McWhinney is about to apply for a massive fracking project in the Centerra area of ​​Loveland.

The proposal includes two sites with up to 26 wells located near thousands of homes, the Rockies Medical Center, three schools, numerous businesses and community lakes, including Houts Reservoir. Think “drinking water”.

This is a betrayal to residents since the community is presented as “a neighborhood designed to create a healthy environment with access to trails, lakes, community gardens and wildlife viewing opportunities.”

McWhinney’s fracking proposal betrays what this community stands for – enjoying Centerra’s natural beauty, not fracking it.

Deborah Stucklen

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The Keystone XL Pipeline Wouldn’t Have Helped the United States

To many of you contributing to the HR Line and Open Forum: Please stop trying to use the absence of the now defunct Keystone XL pipeline as an argument for today’s high fuel prices. Pipeline XL was a pipe dream of wealthy Republicans to transport dirty and highly corrosive crude oil from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, across the United States to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Hence crude and bitumen, which is sticky tar used in roofing
applications, would be refined into cheap gas and exported to other countries.

How any of this would have led to lower fuel prices and energy independence for America is beyond me. At best, it would have put more money in the pockets of the already wealthy. At worst, many states along the way, including Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, would face major environmental disasters from potential pipe failures from dangerous sour crude, which is the dirtiest in the world. world.

I know the idea of ​​a pipeline is a smart talking point to support your argument, but this pipeline was never intended to help the United States do the research.

Don Beechan

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