McDowell Shows Continuous Improvement in Wages and Economic Conditions | Mmm


The formula also classifies the 100 counties in addition to designating a classification by level. McDowell County ranked 55th (54 counties most struggling) among the least struggling, which is an improvement over last year. McDowell County has gained four positions in the past year, according to Abernathy.

McDowell’s ranking was higher than that of Burke, Mitchell and Rutherford but lower than that of Buncombe.

McDowell County had an average unemployment rate of 3.53%, which was among the 10 lowest counties.

“The unemployment rate was affected by Ethan Allen’s partial shutdown, but the new jobs made up for much of the loss,” Abernathy said. “We had a very low unemployment rate.

McDowell County’s population grew 1.79% and ranked among the top 58 counties. McDowell County’s median household income also rose to $ 41,443 and ranked 42nd in North Carolina.

The state has released information on average private sector earnings per job for North Carolina as a whole.

Abernathy explained that McDowell State and County use a salary test that must be met in order to participate in many state incentive programs.

The state also released the private sector average salary per job for 2019. McDowell’s average salary has increased from $ 35,500 to $ 36,753. This average salary is a standard that every county must meet to participate in state incentive programs. McDowell County ranked 55th in wages paid and Abernathy expressed optimism for the improvement, according to the press release.


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