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Pictured in April, elected and hired officials who run Montezuma County. From left to right, County Attorney John Baxter, County Administrator Shak Powers and Commissioners Keenan Ertel, Jim Candelaria and Larry Don Suckla. County administrator Shak Powers gave an overview of the economic survey being released.

The team asks residents to respond to a survey on purchasing behavior

The Montezuma County Economic Development Team launched a survey on August 4 that aims to measure the spending habits of residents of Montezuma County.

The survey can be viewed by accessing this link. It is also available on the Montezuma County Facebook page and the county website.

Comprised of six questions, the survey will help the team develop a better understanding of trade in the region.

This includes what products people buy and where they buy them – in the region, out of the county, or online.

The team is interested in goods, services or industries that residents believe may be lacking locally.

“We are hoping to recruit these industries to expand or relocate to Montezuma County,” County Administrator Shaq Powers said.

As of Monday morning, the survey had generated more than 300 responses, Powers said.

The economic development team has set a target response rate of 1,000 responses to the survey.

Officials don’t have specific plans to release the data to the public, but Powers said he sees no reason not to share it.

“This is an opportunity for county residents to share their thoughts and opinions and help determine the future of commerce in Montezuma County,” said Vicki Shaffer, public information officer for the county. from Montezuma in an email.

Acting mayor Rachel Medina drafted the survey questions and then they were sent around the economic development team, Powers said.

The investigation ends on August 16.

The questions are:

  • “Do you buy locally or are there products and services that you buy specifically elsewhere?
  • “What products do you typically buy outside of Montezuma County or online?
  • “What services do you typically purchase outside of Montezuma County or do you purchase online?
  • “Where do you buy these products and services?
  • “What product, service or sector do you think our community is missing?
  • “Why are you shopping outside of Montezuma County or online? We want to hear from you. ”



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