Nebraska Department of Economic Development Awards Community Development Block Grant Fund


The Nebraska Department of Economic Development has awarded $2,034,079 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to five communities through the 2022 Local Government Public Works Opportunity listed below. Projects include a walking/cycling path, senior center and street improvements.

A program of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), administered by the DED on behalf of ineligible communities in Nebraska, CDBG dollars exist to help communities tackle projects that improve health and safety. public health, economic well-being, local vitality and quality of life.

All funded communities demonstrated a strong community development approach in the design of their projects and demonstrated that through collaboration, much-needed improvements to facilities and infrastructure are achievable. A brief description of each project is below.

Ainsworth- The town of Ainsworth in Brown County received $433,000 for street improvements. The city is preparing to improve Main Street beginning at the intersection of 4th Street/Nebraska Highway 20 and Main Street/Nebraska Highway 7, following Main Street north and ending at the entrance to the sewage treatment plant.

Bartlett– The Village of Bartlett, Wheeler County, received $420,279 for street improvements beginning at the intersection of Randolph and 4th Street and ending one block west of the intersection of 5th and Randolph Street.

Filley- The Village of Filley, Gage County, conducted a 2022 Community Needs Assessment which demonstrated that street improvements were a high priority in this community of 124 people. The Village subsequently requested and obtained funding of $315,000 for the improvement of Livingston, Gage, Lancaster and Johnson streets.

Wayne- The Town of Wayne, County Wayne currently has an extensive network of trails and CDBG funding in the amount of $433,000 will help expand this network from residential areas to a major retail corridor that provides goods and services within the city’s municipal limits. The project will create approximately 0.7 additional miles in length of a six-foot-wide concrete pathway that will parallel the 35/7th Street Freeway on the west end of town between 575th Avenue and the entrance to the Greenwood Cemetery. The new trail will be ADA compliant and accessible to users with reduced mobility.

Wood River – The Town of Wood River, Hall County is taking advantage of existing usable space in the community to develop a new senior center. The current senior center does not have its own parking lot and also shared space with the local food pantry. The center flooded in 2019, and a needs assessment in 2022 showed a desire to use the vacant portion of the old Good Samaritan Center building as a seniors’ center. The new seniors’ center was funded to the tune of $433,000 and allows the town of Wood River to house under one roof the Stick Creek Kids Center (also funded by CDBG Public Works), a future food bank, a library and a center for the elderly.

For more information, contact Community Development Specialist Aaron Boucher, [email protected]


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