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LEWISBURG — Superintendent Dr. Jennifer A. Baugh continued her analysis of the Keystone exam results at a recent meeting of Lewisburg Area School District (LASD) principals.

The 2019 results were again the most recent to be discussed, as the 2021 results were less valid due to the effect of the pandemic.

Baugh said the results were again broken down into racial and ethnic subgroups as well as socioeconomic status. However, there were insufficient numbers of non-white students to come to a conclusion about race or ethnicity and performance.

Algebra I results were difficult to review, Baugh said, because a student can take the exam at multiple times during their high school years. Some students may need more time to adjust to the material than others.

The spring results tended not to reflect the level of achievement of the winter results. Baugh said the sequence of basic math courses taken also seemed to affect the percentage of students scoring proficient or higher.

Baugh said economically disadvantaged students tended to perform below the average of all students.

In the Spring 2019 Algebra 1 results, 30% of economically disadvantaged students taking the test were proficient or better. Of all students, 50% were proficient or better while 60% of non-economically disadvantaged students were proficient or better.

In the Winter 2019 Algebra 1 results, 35.7% of economically disadvantaged students scored proficient or above, while 69.9% of all students scored proficient or above. Among non-economically disadvantaged students who took Keystone Algebra 1 in Winter 2019, 74.4% were proficient or better.

A similar trend was seen in Keystone Biology and Keystone Literature exam results. Reading proficiency was also notable, Baugh said, because Keystone biology exams tend to have more passages that are read.

Baugh said looking for patterns is important in determining the effect of socioeconomic status on performance.

“We want to see growth and success for all students, Baugh said. “But we always have to be mindful of students who have challenges when they come through the door to begin with, which are out of our control and out of that child’s control. We want to do everything we can to help them. »

Seniors Thea Comas, Lewisburg Area High School’s student council treasurer, and McKenna Mowery, council president, told principals they would soon complete their terms in student government. Seniors noted that new student representatives on the council will be announced soon.

They added that a talent show is scheduled for the end of May.

Trustees approved an agreement with the Evangelical Community Hospital for outpatient drug testing services. Rapid Drug Screen 11 was offered at a base price of $44.55, with a confirmation service at $77.71.

The agreement said testing would be provided as needed at an external evangelical lab. Results will be delivered by encrypted electronic transmission or other confidential method.

Another board action included accepting a staff report, which included the retirement of high school French teacher William Fennell and high school counselor Vicki Fennell, effective the last day of the school year.

The resignations included Kiera Reichley, certified teaching assistant at Kelly Elementary, effective Friday, May 27, and Charles Funk III, district janitor, effective Tuesday, May 20.

Emma Freeman, Dillon Black, Anthony Burns and Forrest Zelechoski have been hired as student summer substitute guards beginning Tuesday, May 31, at $12.30 an hour.


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