The government will verify the economic status of the RTE candidates | Ahmedabad News


AHMEDABAD: The Director of Primary Education (DPE) on Tuesday requested reports from all district primary education officials (DPEO) and district education officials (DEO) after irregularities took hold. been noted in the applications for admission to class 1 under the right to education (RTE) Act.
It has come to the knowledge of the Ministry of Education that many well-off parents have wrongly filed their status to gain admission to RTE, which is intended for children belonging to economically weaker sections and other marginalized categories.
The DPE asked the DPEOs and DEOs to inspect the condition of RTE applicants on various parameters, including details of their houses, income statements, income certificate, BPL card number, invoices of lighting and telephone, and also if the family has instruments like the air conditioner and refrigerator.
DEOs and DPEOs will form teams with academy inspectors, school principals, high school principals and clerks. Each team will inspect the parents’ condition and submit their report by July 31.
If necessary, the teams will then visit the homes of parents who have submitted requests to RTE. The education department will also file a complaint with the police against parents who produced false documents to gain admission.
This year, RTE’s admission process was conducted through an online system, after which around 64,000 children were admitted to Class 1 by the state government.
After accepting applications for admission, students were assigned schools by the education department. During the school allocation procedure, it appeared to the National Education that many parents had produced false papers to register their children with the RTE. After that, the DPE investigated the matter.


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