The Lafayette Economic Development Authority has a new leader


The board of commissioners of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority voted a new CEO, and they chose Mandi Mitchell according to the lawyer.

Mitchell was most recently the assistant secretary of Louisiana Economic Development. Mitchell will replace outgoing President and CEO Gregg Gothreaux, and the position earns a salary of $ 250,000 plus benefits. Mitchell also provides services on economic development issues as part of the Louisiana Historically Black Colleges and Universities Advisory Council.

In an interview with attorney Mitchell said the following about the new position,

I am delighted that this great opportunity has been offered to me. To be able to bring together my years of experience, knowledge, resources and connections is truly a blessing. I look forward to getting to work on creating jobs, capital investment and our tax base and creating economic opportunities for all corners of our parish.

Mitchell was one of four remaining candidates for the post. The other three were:

  • Monique Boulet, President and CEO of the Acadiana Planning Commission
  • Verdell Hawkins, Economic Development Manager at Gulf Power Company in Pensacola, Florida
  • John O’Toole, Executive Director of Beaufort County, South Carolina Economic Development Corporation.

Ramesh Kolluru, chairman of the LEDA board of commissioners, says this is a choice that will lead to economic development for everyone.

He told the lawyer,

We know that economic development cannot leave certain communities aside and focus on certain parts of our community. I think it was an opportunity to send a very strong message in this direction that what this council wants and what the LEDA stands for is the most inclusive economic development possible. We seek to lift all boats, and when that happens our community is a better community.

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