“The return of commercial rail transport will stimulate the process of economic development”


Looking back, there was a time in Nigeria when the rail transport system was a pride of the nation. During this period, the general public placed great importance on rail services due to its convenience and safety and its advantages over other modes of transport existing in Nigeria. It was a momentous day in the history of the Nigeria Railway Corporation transport services in the country until circumstances beyond the corporation’s control gradually collapsed the system.

Recently, Online forum conducted a random exclusive interview with some elites in Oyo State, to generate public opinion polls on the resuscitation of the new rail transport system and its sustainability trends.

Responses from the surveyed elite on this matter were overwhelmingly affirmative, unanimously describing the new functional rail transport system as appropriate and necessary for the economic development reform process. They expressed satisfaction with the quality of service of the system, commended the Nigerian Railway Corporation for its initiative, especially the Lagos – Ibadan Train Service (LITS).

For example, the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Revered Dr. Samson Ayokunle, commended the Federal Government for reviving commercial rail transport in Nigeria as he expressed satisfaction with the quality of service of the system, courtesy of the Nigerian. Railway Company (NRC) staff. He noted that if the government ensured its continuity with better quality service, he said the development would go a long way in reducing the heavy traffic on our highways in the country drastically.

According to him, close and effective monitoring of the system is highly necessary for its growth and sustenance. He suggested that the government should make more efforts to ensure that the trail transportation service covers all parts of the country and also maintains quality service. He advised the NRC to add more coaches and also appealed to the company to make the fare affordable to increase public access to the facility.

Similarly, the Ekefa of Olubadan of Ibadanland, the first cultural ambassador of the National Museum of Ile-Ife, Oloye Lekan Alabi, described the revival of the railway transport system in Nigeria as a welcome development in the history of the the country’s transport sector.

According to him, his first trip on the new rail transport from Ibadan to Abeokuta last year reminded him of the good old days of rail transport in Nigeria. He commended the Nigerian Railway Corporation, especially the Western District, for their efficiency in the process of running the system and for the good human relationship between staff and passengers.

Ekefa Olubadan prayed against the saboteurs of the country’s new rail transport system. He noted that the government must ensure its improved functionality, efficiency, maintenance, as well as its sustenance. He urged the government to expand services to run through all major cities in the country, adding that the development would improve the movement of people from one part of the country to another, as was the case in the country. ‘era. in Nigeria. He also called on Nigerians not to kill the system through the misuse of the facilities. “The facilities and services of the new railway transport are very satisfactory for patronage, even for the elite,” he concluded.

Speaking along the same lines, the former Executive Secretary of Nomadic National Education in Nigeria, Prof. Rashidi Aderinoye affirmed that the emergence of the new rail transport system in Nigeria is timely and a blessing. for the economy in the areas of movement of people and goods. and services across the country. He described the system as a great innovation from the Nigerian Railway Corporation, saying the service is fantastic and highly commendable, as he prayed for the service to circle the country.

While he ordered the corporation to ensure the maintenance of the railway line and the safety of passengers, he appealed to service providers to purchase tickets online. He said the development would improve the smooth running of the system.

Furthermore, Professor Ms. Adetola Adeoti from the University of Ibadan asserted that the reintroduction of commercial rail transport in Nigeria is appropriate and necessary to decongest the road transport system to a bearable level.

She suggested that the government should develop a narrow gauge for freight services across the country. According to her, this will reduce traffic on our highways, as well as elongated heavy vehicles, which reduces the longevity of our roads in the country. Professor Adeoti argued for coaches to accommodate passenger luggage just like the airline service. She also shared her opinion that NRC should provide a shuttle between local and internal airports and the train station.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with the Railway District Manager, West, Ibadan, Engineer Angelique Ikwuka, gave an optimistic assurance that the rail transport system has come to stay in Nigeria. She said the corporation will not let up on its efforts to continue to provide better quality service on a daily basis.

According to her, the construction and development to ensure the safety of passengers on the train and also in the station premises is underway in all stations across the country.

She said, “Very soon Nigerians will be proud of rail transport in the country as we are putting in place state-of-the-art facilities to operate an international standard. By the grace of God, very soon, the Lagos – Ibadan railway will operate sixteen daily services.

“However, the NRC will not condone or condone vandalism in the system. NO. rather, NRC will want our passengers to adhere to the station rules and regulations already in place.

“In this regard, the NRC will need as many of our patronage corporations as possible to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Although no prohibited items should be on board, each passenger on board must be responsible for the use of our facilities. NRC alone cannot make the system work successfully without the cooperation of the general public. Let’s join hands to make the railway and Nigeria great.


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