The Town of Innisfail will celebrate Economic Development Week –


The Town of Innisfail will be celebrating Economic Development Week from Monday May 9th to May 13th.

Economic Development Week was developed by the International Economic Development Council (ICED) in 2016 to promote awareness of grassroots programs that drive economic growth and, therefore, improve the quality of life in communities around the world.

Innisfail City Council recently adopted a new Community Economic Development Strategy – Power of Place – which emphasizes deep community engagement to boldly lead the development of local markets for property, services, labor and energy.

“The success of a community is based on the power of place, defined by the synergies of community, economy and capacity. This synergy is capable of producing results greater than the sum of the individual parts, said Mayor Jean Barclay. “Leadership requires an open mind, the willingness to collaborate, the ability to build relationships, and respect for others.”

Since adopting the strategy, the city has rolled up its sleeves to tackle immediate priorities with guidance from community leaders through the new Community Economic Development Advisory Committee. Early business orders included preparing for investment, meeting with industry leaders, and partnering with the Innisfail and District Chamber of Commerce.

“The Power of Place strategy is an important first step in aligning the values ​​of residents, businesses, community organizations, municipal staff and elected officials. The next step is to work together to improve the quality of life here in Innisfail,” said Advisory Committee Chair Pat Bourne.

According to the Power of Place strategy, the role of community economic development is to identify local market challenges and opportunities, then rally the community around local solutions. In this way, the community works together to create a place where market forces promote prosperity. At its most basic, it means taking steps to connect the forces of supply and demand like connecting electrical wires. The result is the power to change the future to reflect the aspirations of local residents.

The City’s success depends on the willingness of residents, businesses and community organizations to work together


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