Ukraine’s foreign merchandise trade deficit in September 2022 fell to $500 million


Ukraine’s merchandise trade deficit in September this year amounted to $502 million, 32.5% less than in September last year ($744 million), the national customs service.

According to its data, exports of goods in September fell 35.6% from a year ago to $4.12 billion, while imports fell 35.3% to $4.62 billion. of dollars.

Geographically, in trade with the EU, exports even increased by 5.8%, to $2.78 billion, while imports decreased by 12.7%, to $2.35 billion.

At the same time, imports from CIS countries fell by 13.5 times, to $130 million, and exports – by 3.9 times, to $170 million, resulting in a positive balance – at $40 million.

With other countries, imports decreased by 21%, to $2.14 billion, while exports decreased by 62.4%, to $1.17 billion, resulting in a negative balance of $980 million .

In August this year, the deficit in foreign trade in goods, according to the National Customs Service, stood at $1.23 billion compared to a surplus of $50 million in August last year.

In general, over the nine months of 2022, Ukraine’s foreign merchandise trade deficit increased 2.6 times – to $6.10 billion, with imports falling by 22.4% – to 39.19 billion dollars, while exports – by 31.4% to reach 33.09 billion dollars.

The State Customs Service reported that the countries importing the most to Ukraine in January-September this year were China – $5.8 billion, Poland – $3.8 billion and Germany – 3.3 billion dollars, while the largest export was recorded to Poland – 5.1 billion dollars, Romania – 2.6 billion dollars. billion, Turkey – 2.2 billion dollars.

Above all, according to the agency, the following categories of goods were imported into Ukraine: machinery, equipment and transport – 10.9 billion dollars, fuels and energy products – 9.7 billion dollars and chemicals – 7.1 billion of dollars.

Ukraine’s top three most exported goods included food products – $16 billion, metals and metal products – $5.1 billion, machinery, equipment and transportation – $3.3 billion .


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