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How file sharing works

File sharing allows several people to use the same file and they can modify it, read it, copy it, view it or print it. With the advancement in technology and advent of the internet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a file transfer system has helped file sharing in organizations, companies and institutions.

 FTP is used to access files among specific set of users who uses a password to gain access to the files shared from a FTP server site. Basically, a file sharing system has one or more administrators who determine the levels of access privilege of the other users.


File sharing services provide easy and convenient access to information anywhere anytime and can thus be very beneficial to businesses. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the things to consider when file sharing.

A good administrator is the one who…

  1. Develops standard permissions

Although Particular groups will have customized permissions, it is essential to develop standard permissions on all shared files. It is to be noted that as the administrator, you will have full control of this set of standardized permissions.

  1. As a best practice, don’t explicitly deny permissions to a shared file.

Denying groups to access shared resources is not a good way to work with your colleagues as it might create resentment and poor working practices. Explicitly deny permissions only when you deem it necessary to override specific permissions already assigned.

  1. Keep access permissions simple

Keeping it simple allows you to easily manage the file sharing system. At the beginning, share owners have unrealistic or elaborate permissions structure. Find ways to break it to simpler approaches and try to gauge whether you can achieve similar milestones.

  1. It is ideal to assign permissions to groups rather than to user accounts

This enables you to manage shared resources in a simple way. By assigning permissions to groups, you can add or remove users from the groups without having going back to reassign permissions.

  1. Ensure that the most restrictive permissions still allow users to execute the required tasks

Restrictive permissions need to allow users to perform the basic tasks. For instance, assign the read permission if you want users to only read information in a file without modifying it or deleting it. (Read) is the default permission for everyone.


  1. Set access control or NTFS file system permissions if users would need to log on locally.

A situation whereby users log on locally to access shared resources, use NTFS and access control since share permissions allows users to access shared resources over the network.

  1. Always organize all shared applications in one folder to simplify administration.

In file sharing, there is only a single location for installing and upgrading software.

  1. Use spontaneous and short labels for shared resources

This allows ease of recognition and access by users.

Take note

Corporate data is a business’s core asset that needs to be kept secure and protected. File sharing can be a highly vulnerable practice that can put data for your business at risk. Proper policy is needed to control file sharing among employees.

Top File Sharing Services In 2015

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When it comes to the top file sharing sites on the Internet, there are many to choose from. Obviously when looking to share files, it is important that you sign up with the best services out there. You will find many different types of file sharing sites, and also sites that share things like software, music files or video files. The site you choose to use will depend on what your needs are.

A few years ago, the best and most popular file sharing sites were: Rapidshare, Megaupload, 4Share and Hotfile. These file sharing sites all appear to still be operating except Megauploads which was shut down in 2012 by the FBI. Megauploads might have returned as Mega which is listed in the top ten file sharing sites of 2015, however at the time of writing this was unable to be confirmed. Rapidshare and the others capitalized on Megauploads misfortune and became even more successful, however given that authorities consider file sharing or downloading illegal, people are more careful about what file sharing services they sign up with.

Services like Google Drive have been introduced for the many Internet users that are constantly online and also for the many Chrome-book users that have increased in the last few years. These small and compact note books have become immensely popular and Google Drive is the number one choice for Chrome-book users.


Some of the other file sharing services online include Dropbox and Box. These two services are the first and second favorites of many Internet users. Google Drive ranks in third place. ICloud and Mediafire have come in forth and fifth. In sixth, seventh, and eighth place, you will find Zippyshare, 4Shared and Hightail. In the last two places you will find Mega and Jumpshare. These file sharing services are the best you will find on the net. All of these services provide storage space, and file sharing services in real time. The service you choose will depend on what types of files you are looking for.

All of the file sharing services above offer storage and file sharing services. Some reviewers love GoogleDrive, whereas other reviewers did not, only ranking Google’s service at number thirteen on their list. Dropbox and Box seem to be a fairly popular service and well worth checking out. 4Shared have around for quite awhile and offer a good service according to reviews.

Another option people tend to go with are the Torrent sites. To get access to Torrent files, you will need to download the Torrent software, such as BitTorrent or UTorrent. This software is required if you are looking to download Torrent files. Torrent sites are useful for people who wish to share music, videos or any other files with other users. You should also register with a service that blocks your ISP, as downloading Torrent files is considered illegal.

The very best Torrent sites on the net are: KickAssTorrents, The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, Extra Torrent and YTS. EZTV which is a Torrent site for TV addicts was shut down recently, but they will return at some stage as most of these sites do. The top five Torrent sites change all the time because the authorities insist on shutting these sites down as often as possible.


If you are going to use a file sharing service or access Torrent files you might be venturing into territory that is illegal. Some file sharing sites are legal, however it can be difficult to be sure. If you have any doubts, then do not download or share copyrighted material. Photo sharing sites, such as Flickr is a legal site where user can share photos. If you think that you may want to download something that is copyrighted, then be sure to take precautions by accessing software to hide yourself online.

Last of all, there are streaming services where customers pay to live stream video content or to download this content for later on. You will probably also come across the free streaming sites which are believed to be illegal. As long as you take precautions to remain anonymous online, you shouldn’t have any problems in this department.

The file sharing services that were discussed above are probably a safer bet right now, especially if you are inexperienced and have never used a file sharing service before. All of the file sharing services allow users to sign up for free and you will get cloud storage for free up to a specified amount of gigabytes. If you need more space, you will be charged a monthly fee.

It’s Good To Share Interesting Data!

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File Sharing Services To Be Cautious Over

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Many Internet users have run into problems with file sharing, streaming or downloading services such as Torrent sites or free streaming sites. In fact, when choosing to download or stream content that is copyrighted, it is possible to run into many problems. When using any kind of file sharing services or Torrent sites, it is wise to take care on all sites that offer Torrent downloads or free streaming of live TV or videos.

File sharing and storage sites such as Google Drive, Box and DropBox are probably the most secure way of sharing files with others online. Most of these services offer their users a secure way to store their content and share content with others. Most reviewers recommend Dropbox, Box and GoogleDrive as some of the safest file sharing services available. Megaupload used to be the go to site for awhile until authorities raided and seized the content and arrested the owners.


It pays to be careful, no matter what file sharing service you choose. Word of mouth from other users of these services is probably the best way of find a good service. When it comes to streaming services and Torrent sharing sites, you should employ extra care when file sharing on these sites. All too often people download nasty viruses to their PC without even realising this has happened.

Many Torrent site owners do not have the ability to check content that is uploaded to see if it is genuine. The owners of these sites do their best, however it is a big job to check every single file that is uploaded. Thousands of Torrent files are uploaded to these sites every day, it would be quite impossible to keep up with the demand.

When you are looking for a certain video or music file to download, it is a good idea to check the ratings and the health of the file. If users are rating the file as genuine and a good file, then you can assume it is safe to download. Having said that, you should ensure that your virus software is up to date and that you install software to stop Adware, Spyware and Malware which can really affect the health of your computer.


Before you start you will need to install a Torrent client to download the files. You can access these programs for free by searching for them in your favorite search engine. BitTorrent and UTorrent are the most popular file sharing clients. You can search for Torrents within the software, which will bring up a search engine specifically designed to find Torrent files or you can search for the sites on Google or other Torrent information sites.

Installing virus protection is a must for anyone who plans to spend a lot of time on the Internet. If you are using streaming sites, you will often get quite a lot of unwanted advertising, an ad-blocker service that can be downloaded for free should help with this. Sometimes these sites will result in advertising windows popping up on your screen.

The best way to find good Torrent sites is by reading reviews where the latest links to these sites are provided. The owners of these sites will often change domains so as not to be detected by the authorities. It is important for you to keep up to date with the latest Torrent site changes. If you are not careful, you could end up on a website that is a fake and only seeks to steal your identity or infect your computer.

It takes a little while to get to know how to use Torrent sharing sites. You will eventually become confident in choosing which files to download and avoiding the fakes. It is not something that can be explained in words, after you have downloaded a few files you will begin recognize the good files from the bad. Some sites have review, which make things easier. Sites like KickAssTorrents often have reviews posted on each file offered for download.

One thing you must do if you are planning to share files on Torrent sites is to protect your identity. The best way you can do this is with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which assigns you a different ISP so that people cannot see your location or track what you are doing online. A VPN also allows you to bypass an ISP that might be blacklisted. Given that many Governments believe that file sharing on Torrent sites is illegal, you should protect yourself when downloading any content that is copyrighted.


The tips above in this article should be taken seriously if you plan to use Torrent sharing sites. Until you learn how to recognise the fake files from the real files or the fake Torrent sites from the genuine ones, you should have the right security programs installed on your PC to ensure you do not end up with a nasty virus that destroys your computer. The more you use these sites, the more you will learn about Torrent sharing. You will eventually learn which sites are the best and which files you can trust. If any Torrent sites claim that you must sign up with them to download content, ignore this and move on, the site is likely a fake.

Torrent file sharing is also known as Peer to Peer file sharing, which is considered illegal if you download copyrighted content. It is important that you protect yourself if you plan to use these sites regularly. VPNs are usually the best way to do this, and there are many paid and free versions out there that will do a great job of hiding your ISP. While it is very important to be safe online and protect yourself, file sharing on Torrent sites can be tricky and dangerous, you should be more vigilant about security than you normally would be.

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